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Bilbo's Great Adventure                                                                    $11.95  +  $2.05 S&H* 

A contemporary tribute to "The Hobbit", this musical account wraps powerful lyrics in dazzling, yet simple melodies in 24 songs (16-page lyric booklet included).

Kevin Henry & Fingers Taylor "Live"                                               $11.95  +  $2.05 S&H*

Recorded live at Harris' in St Joseph, Michigan, this was a night worth recording. Greg "Fingers" Taylor accompanies Kevin Henry for a Party in the Summer of 2004.
Songs Nobody's Singing                                                                           $11.95  + $2.05 S&H* 

Ready to ship December 1, 2008
AdventureBGA Reading Program                                                           $25.00  + $3.75 S&H* 

A reading assignment sure to change the way you read! Brought to you by The Need To Read Foundation, this program will entertain and excite you to read with purpose and, hopefully, participate in the arts. Contains Bilbo’s Great Adventure CD by Kevin Henry and a 24-page booklet. Suitable for all reading levels, the booklet contains the lyrics reprinted to read like a book together with instructions for the reader to best benefit from their participation.
                          * S&H prices are for destinations within continental US. Other destinations add $3.00