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Singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar, harmonica
I remember hanging out on Bonita Beach, Florida on a two month sabbatical from my last real job. It was a Monday in May, 1982. A local club owner was listening to me play the only ten songs I knew. He asked me to play that night and I agreed to $50 since he said "no" to the $200 I suggested. After renting a sound system and buying my own drinks, I think the night cost me $19 to do the one thing I completely enjoyed.
With more than 8,000 play dates behind me since then, I'm still grateful to be playing my kind of music - I call it "warm weather music". I have played for huge crowds and intimate gatherings, in big bars and beer joints. It doesn't get much better than singing Jimmy Buffett songs for a living. Except maybe singing original songs once in a while.

In case you hadn't heard, I saved the good songs for the next set that I play. See you somewhere!
                          Kevin Henry
                          PO Box 20133
                          Kalamazoo, MI
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